Content – the forgotten treasure on the legaltech treasure map

In this conversation, we chat with Tim Perry, Director of Practical Law for Asia and Emerging Markets at Thomson Reuters.

Tim and I have known each other for more than a decade, having both started our careers at Mallesons Stephen Jaques in universe far away a long time ago. Tim is a fountain of knowledge on all manners of things, but on legal content in particular. Legal content is a subject that does not receive a lot of attention in the legal technology landscape, and this lack of attention is something which Tim and his team address at Practical Law Australia.

In this video, we chatted about:

  • the continuing decline of Facebook (admittedly, this is not a subject we know deeply, but we found the topic had interesting parallels to legaltech)
  • where are point solutions more appropriate and where are platforms more appropriate
  • an example of legal content – Thomson Reuters’ Cleardocs precedents, and what sort of people are using this product (
  • how do you distinguish “good content” from “bad content”
  • what is the value of content to lawyers, and how do you explain the value of content as a vendor
  • how defining the “value” to customers is the heart of any product offering
  • process innovation compared to content innovation
  • what lawyers have to do for their clients, and the roles of process tools and content products

“… it all comes down to how you are able to explain the value of your product. Cause once there is an understanding of value, then it’s not about “here’s the number; I like it; I don’t like it”. [It is about] this is the value I am going to get. How do I get that value? What am I giving up to secure that?”

(timestamp 13:23)

You would love for you to watch our chat in the video below:

Tim is also speaking at ALTACON this year. He will be speaking about the role legal content has to play in empowering lawyers in today’s legal technology landscape, and what are the trends for how lawyers are spending their money on technologies. Learn more about Tim and what he does here:

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