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A few days ago, I had a video chat with Tomoyuki Hachigo, co-founder of Sprintlaw (, about how they built Sprintlaw by focusing on the needs of their target client groups – and created a firm that provides fastersimpler and more affordable legal services.

I have known Tomo and his co-founder, Alex Solo, for some years. We met the first time in a pub in Chippendale in Sydney. I believe 74% of all business used to happen in pubs and 86% of friendships started in pubs, or so I might have claimed without needing evidence before COVID. I remember thinking that they were far braver than I am, having the courage to leave the career certainty of BigLaw in order to run a law firm that helped “the little guys” who might not otherwise have adequate legal service. Most recently, I saw Tomo in person at the Russian Tearoom on 57th Street in New York, where we shared stories over a lunch of borscht and steak.

Since starting this blog, I had not had the opportunity to ask someone about the skills that help lawyers become better lawyers. With Tomo, I was able to ask him many questions related to essential skills for lawyers, and Tomo was kind enough to share his secrets.

In the video, we covered topics including:

  • what Sprintlaw does for small businesses by providing fast, simple and affordable legal services
  • how Sprintlaw uses empathy to understand their target client’s problem, and use their website to “speak” to their target clients directly
  • how a law firm can structure their pricing and services to address the needs of their clients
  • how to design a program to capture and make legal knowledge accessible to a team of lawyers
  • how people skills contribute to someone becoming an amazing lawyer
  • why there is a fraction of businesses who ignore legal risks, and why that might be a problem for those businesses
  • what marketing methods and techniques work to reach businesses that need legal services
  • the growth plans and ambitions for Sprintlaw over the next few years

One of our favorite tidbits of unusual information that Tomo shared was:

“… [we have] a normal funnel marketing strategy where at the bottom of your funnel, you are targeting people who are on Google intentionally searching for a problem you currently have. That market has been the most underserved in terms of marketing, because there was some stat that said, there was 70 or 80% of those people who thought about seeing a lawyer, who went on Google and did a search, they ended up going with a recommendation from someone they know.”

– from timestamp 17:50

You can watch the full video of our unscripted conversation below:

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