A guide to document automation – how to kickstart efficiency

After our conversation in January, our friends at Avvoka released “The Ultimate Guide to Document Automation” this week. We wanted to share this guide for any readers who are interested in more information about what Giles discussed with us.

(Giles was not kidding when he wrote to us and told us the guide was “super-comprehensive”)

Our favorite part of their guide, aside from the wonderful graphics, is their myth-busting section, where they list some of the common beliefs about document automation and how it fits into the ecosystem of legal technologies, and we may follow their lead and release something, one day, maybe, that showcases how knowledge management of legal data fits into the legatech ecosystem.

(We won’t write about our view of the legaltech ecosystem in this blog post. Like all taxonomies, you can slice and dice the landscape in a number of ways, most of which are equally valid)

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