Pairing hard technology with soft service to deliver better outcomes

No-code and low-code platforms have been a focal point of attention in quite some years in the legal profession.

To find out more about no-code and low-code platforms, we had the pleasure to have a conversation with Jackson Liu from Neota Logic, one of the most well known companies in the legal technology sector. As Neota’s new Global Head of Innovation, Jackson shared his insights on:

  • what is the real value of a no-code platform
  • what does it mean for a no-code platform to enable “citizen development” (with the help of IT teams)
  • what are the capabilities of modern no-code platforms
  • what should buyers think about when considering the spectrum of possible no-code platforms
  • what is the difference between no-code and low-code platforms
  • how to improve adoption of technology like no-code platforms
  • the importance of “soft” experiences, like ideation and design of user journeys
  • how to overcome the “blank canvas” problem
  • what is the biggest hurdle to adoption of no-code platforms

Jackson is highly focused on optimizing the “soft” experiences for users, so they are fully supported in utilizing and leveraging technology. For him, success seems to be defined by how much benefit their technology delivers to the customer.

One of our favorite snippets from the conversation was when Jackson shared the following:

“… I think there’s so much focus before of ‘sign a contract’, and that’s the job done. I think that has reduced adoption from customers quite a bit from a customer perspective. I think you need to start talking about the softer side of things [even] during the sales process…”

Timestamp 20:38 to 21:01

Take a look at the video of our conversation below, and have a look at Jackson’s insider guide to picking the right no-code platform.

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