Designing automation software for lawyers and their workflow

For our first blog post, we had the pleasure to speak with our friend and the Head of Growth for Avvoka, Giles Thompson.

We wanted this conversation centered on the topics of “making software easy for lawyers to use” and “making a tool that works across the whole transaction lifecycle“. During our unscripted conversation, we covered a few other fascinating topics with Giles, including:

  • taking design inspiration from consumer software
  • the importance of legal experts in creating “playbooks”
  • how data analysis and insights can help with legal drafting
  • why don’t lawyers “iterate” like technologists?
  • making sure there is return on investment for any software purchase

Among the many nuggets of wisdom from Giles, this one about preparing playbooks was one of our favorites:

“… what we find a lot of the time is that where our clients really succeed when it comes to playbooks is where they’ve got great internal people who have taken the time to put together the templates, put really clear drafting instructions in them, and actually come up with different permutations of different clauses, so you know, when a deal happened, they have gone away and taken the time to say, ooh, that was some interesting drafting from the counterparty, or actually that custom drafting we did is going to be useful later…”

From timestamp 7:24 to 7:50

Take a look at the whole recording of our conversation in this video:

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