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“In the beginning”

We wanted to call this first post on our blog “In the beginning“, which is probably somewhat too grandiose. We wanted to use this first post to talk about why we are writing this blog and what we propose to put on this blog; use it to set the tone as a light-hearted exploration of our core themes, which are:

  • we want to explore topics that help lawyers be better lawyers; and
  • we want to talk about technology, what it can do and how it can help.

If we look at this blog like a Venn Diagram, Syntheia sits on the intersection of those two themes – we offer technology to help lawyers be better lawyers, or at least what is our mission, “making it easy for lawyers to do their best work”:

We want to explore subject matters that would be interesting to lawyers and technologists. We want cover everything from the microscopic, how do I draft those three words in a loan agreement, to the macroscopic, what are the trends that affect how lawyers do their work. We want to give a kaleidoscopic view of those themes.

But… what do we know?

One of the question that burned on our minds before launching this blog was “but… what do we know about any of that?”

Frankly, we do not know enough.

While we have some inklings about those themes, we do not know nearly enough to write with authority.

We decided to make sure that our blog content always offers a perspective on either or both of those themes that could be helpful. One of the ways we decided to try was to invite experts to join us in writing these blog posts, weaving together their thoughts, and letting discussions flow organically. We want to adopt an experimental philosophy in writing this blog. We want to let the readers decide whether what we offer was useful or not and interesting or not.

With this, we cast off into another unknown.

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